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Political context and role of youth activism

Now more than ever we need the European youth to influence and participate in the public policies of the European Union. To achieve this impact on decision-making, we need to foster dialogue between young people, European institutions and experts, while guaranteeing access to information, and thus, being able to generate inclusive policies that serve to empower our youth in a moment that is so crucial. Both the new EU Strategy for Youth and the 2030 Agenda offer a possibility to start this new dialogue that we must not waste.

EU Youth Strategy 2019-2020

UN 2030 Agenda

At Equipo Europa we are constantly proving that, as young people, we are agents of change capable of contributing to our society with a voice that must be heard. Since we began working, together we have maintained a platform for young people to write, think and discuss the future of Europe and common global challenges. And all of this is possible thanks to the work of our almost 600 members from all the Delegations, to whom we are enormously grateful.

Following this purpose, at Equipo Europa we remain committed to our goals of youth empowerment and the European Union’s approach to youth. Therefore, with the beginning of a new European legislature and with the fifth anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals, we suggest you explore the priorities of the different European institutions, in order to be able to investigate and participate in the future of Europe, always under the values ​​of respect, integrity and academic honesty.

What is it

This is why we are happy to present Equipo Europa’s great new project: the EU-Youth LAB. It will consist in monitoring a topic of political and social interest, evaluating the related proposals, carrying out an analysis of their impact and, finally, providing a series of recommendations to the European institutions and the different political actors. Our new initiative seeks to be an innovative and interactive space in which youth can get involved in the world of research, political analysis and youth activism.

Bring young people closer to the world of political research and analysis

Boost the participants’ capacities

Give visibility to young people’s perspective

Establish a dialogue between institutions and young people

Equipo Europa es la asociación de los jóvenes europeístas de España.

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